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33 Constables Leys,
United Kingdom.

Company Number: 11838004
Part of the Construct Media Group

Quote Number MKq-0004
Quote Date April 10, 2019
Valid Until April 30, 2019
Total £120.00
Rarity Gateway Collectables


My current proposal is that I make the website using WordPress and install a store.

To Summarise:
We agreed on 8 hours of website design services
Usual cost £20 an hour. I'll give a one-time deal of £15 an hour because you are a mate website.
10 Hours @ £15p.h. = £120


Final Thoughts:

I also believe that you might benefit from changing to us as a hosting provider, it will allow us to give you support more easily in the future. If you accept this quote you will get a discount code to use at our hosting department on any product you wish. I also recommend an SSL Certificate to make your website seem more trustworthy.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdministration FeeSub Total
8 Hours of Web Design
1 Shop Element Surcharge £100.000.00%£100.00
Sub Total £260.00
Tax £0.00
Discount -£140.00
Total £120.00

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