33 Constables Leys,
United Kingdom.

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Invoice Number MKi-0008AA
Invoice Date May 7, 2019
Due Date July 5, 2019
Total Due £150.00
Tilbrook Village Community Website

Quoted Proposal

My proposal is that we convert the website into WordPress.

This will allow for a basic core website with all of the content that he had before, with the added functionality of easy to use updatable news sections that will allow you to easily make content updates that are time sensitive. (e.g. notification of events)


To Summarise:
6 Pages.
Approximately 1 hour per page plus 4-6 hour setup time.
Usual cost £20 an hour. I'll give a one-time deal of £15 an hour because you are a community website.
10 Hours @ £15p.h. = £150


Final Thoughts:

I also believe that you might benefit from changing to us as a hosting provider, it will allow us to give you support more easily in the future. If you accept this quote you will get a discount code to use at our hosting department on any product you wish. I also recommend an SSL Certificate to make your website seem more trustworthy.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
10 Hours of website design work £20.000.00%£200.00
Sub Total £200.00
Tax £0.00
Discount -£50.00
Total Due £150.00

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